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Why are Our Thoughts Always There

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Why do we talk to ourselves all the time?


Clearly the thoughts are always there. However, they must be unformed, unclear until they are expressed as words in our heads when they take on a concrete form. So perhaps our thoughts are always there because that is the price of consciousness. To stay conscious, our minds must be constantly active. 


Does this provide a way for God to speak to us? If our consciousness is actually driven by subconscious activity, it seems both reasonable and possible that God works at that level to influence our thoughts, especially if we give Him permission to do so.


But whether or not this is His route for influencing our thoughts subconsciously, we do know that He influences us consciously through reading His Word and hearing it from others.



15 January 2009, modified 23 April 2021

125 April 2021-My pastor, Paul Collins, added the following thought:

"The next step from this is when we express our thoughts out loud. I have found it powerful (God working) when I voice the truth out loud, even when I am the only one I can see present.

It is powerful to me. In my experience, I believe it is powerful in the spirit realm as well.”

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