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Welcome to MentisCopia, abundance of the mind


"Starfield" (in the milky way or some other galaxy as seen through a powerful telescope?)


Wrong.  Looks can be deceiving.  This is actually a photo of Christmas lights on a porch railing seen from inside the house through a window covered with frost.


One of many examples of self-similarity of scale we can find in our incredible universe.




This is a blogsite where the primary author, Carlos F. A. Pinkham, will slowly launch some of the many ideas, interests, insights and experiences he has been blessed with over a lifetime of thinking and living before they slip away into oblivion (like the frost, then the Christmas lights, and eventually, the stars they mimic).



Ultimately, this website will provide an introduction to who he is and feature his faith, his family, his patented ideas and those that are not patented, his contributions to science, especially the Pinkham-Pearson index, his insights on life, his insights on faith and science, his insights on Christianity, his interest in astrobiology, his thoughts on his hobbies: sea shell collecting, stamp collecting, coin collecting, fossil collecting, mineral collecting, and bird watching, his contributions during his military career, his contributions during his teaching career, his artistic endeavors, and other snippets of his life.  Some of these will have broad appeal; some will be interesting only to him.  Some will generate much discussion; most will be effective antidotes for insomnia.


Carl (I) hopes and prays that it will not be regarded as a platform for self-aggrandizement, but rather as a vehicle for sharing with the world how an active mind over a lifetime (enhanced by an always-ever-deepening relationship with the Almighty Lord God, Creator of the Universe), can't help but generate interesting and even useful thoughts and encounter wonderful adventures - thoughts and adventures that would often never be shared beyond a narrow group of acquaintances, except for that potential for instant dissemination, the Internet.


To learn more, click on any of the following topics.  Each active link (underlined and in blue) brings you to a page where the topic is explored further.  If they are in a larger font, the page is inside MentisCopia.  Headings in red provide some of the topics on that page.  Some of these pages invite your comment and some pages provide resources for your use and enjoyment.  If they are in a smaller font, the page is outside MentisCopia, so you might want to bookmark the page you are on before you leave.  Those pages with an inactive link just serve as a page holder for an idea.


If you'd like to discuss anything you see here with Carl, send him and email at pinkhamc@norwich.edu.  Opinion posts are not proclamations as much as they are current understanding.  Carl enjoys respectful disagreement. 


He is available to present any of these entries in a thoughtful and sensitive manner to your church or Bible study group.


"‘Never bother a Pinkham when he is thinking.’ They [are] on their way to great spaces of light!”


Sinnett, Charles Nelson, Rev, 1908. Richard Pinkham of Old Dover New Hampshire, and His Descendants, East and West, Rumford Printing Company, Concord, NH, 334 pp.   p7.


Follow me @pinkhamc




Mission Trip to Anajali School in Kibera Slum, Kenya, June 28th-July 10th, 2012

Carl's Testimony

     How to Create Your Own Testimony

     Intervening Years

    Recent Testimonies

          My Struggle with Self

          Follow Up

          My Prayer Life

The Evidence for Belief

          Introduction - Is Faith Justified?

          The Holy Spirit in Our Lives

          Concordance vs Accommodation-Will the Twain Ever Meet?


Witnessing Tools

          Witnessing Realities

          A Simple Witnessing Question

          Not So Simple, Yet Vital Witnessing Questions

          God is Holy

          Bell Shaped Curve

          The Tree of Life

          God is oh, so Clever

          The Difference Between Christmas and Easter

          Easter 1994

          Why we Need the Gift of Faith

          How Can God Both Love the Sinner and be Wrathful Toward Him?

          What is Sin?

          Why We Don't Witness

          Quick Shots

          If You're an Atheist, Why you should embrace Christianity

          Desire to Please God and Eternal Life

          Is Jesus our Lord and Savior or our Savior and Lord?

          Who Owns You?

Twelve Fundamental Principles of Christianity

          The Underlying Precept of Christianity

          One of my Favorite Bible Verses and How it Relates to the Twelve Principles

          These Principles Rendered as the Message of the Cross

          Wisedrop, a Christian fable

          Christianity is not for the Weak-Minded

          The GOSPEL in 25 Words

The Great Commission

Truth and the Bible

          Everything in the Bible is true.  Not everything in the Bible is the truth.


          Loving the "Unclean"

          Loving the "Unclean," Part 2

          Gay Marriage?

          God's xxx is so...

          God is BOTH Republican and Democrat

          God is Not Eternal-God is Eternal

Jesus is My Lord and Savior.  So Why Do I Feel Like Something's Missing?

Insights on Faith

          Weak Faith

          Sufficient Faith

          Where Did the Joy Go?

          Can a Christian Mimic an Unbeliever?

          Response to a Request for Comment

Thoughts on Words in the Shema

Learning the Books of the Bible

The Problem of Theodicy

          What is Theodicy?

          Choice, Proof of God, Theodicy, and Numbers 35:33

          God Allows Persecution of Christians and Jews?

          "God saw that the xx was good."

          "God's Permissive Will and Theodicy"

The Trouble with the Trinity

Norwich Christian Fellowship

     The NCF Story

The Battle

Out there with the Lord

          How old were Simeon and Levi when they killed the circumcised Shechemites?

          Is God a deistic god?

          The Path Ahead and Behind

To Judge or Not to Judge-That is the Question

We are the Church


Faith and Science

Natural Revelation

        How the Intricate Simplicity of the Cell and the Heme Molecule Reflect the Trinity and the Gospel

        Uses of Different Symbols for a Spiritual Truth

        The Three in the Two Protestant Sacraments or Ordinances

        Why Would God Use Leaven as a Metaphor for Sin?

        How does Cancer Fit into this Example of Natural Revelation?

        The Name as a Breath Prayer

        A New Way Salt May Metaphorically Serve as an Example of Natural Revelation in the Bible

          A Real Stretch?

          The Author of the Bible HAS to be the Holy Spirit

              The Earth is a sphere that rotates on an axis

              The Earth orbits around the Sun

              The Earth's axis is tilted to the Earth's orbit around the Sun

              The spherical Earth's rotation on its tilted axis and orbit around the Sun produces weather (winds)

          The Holy Spirit as a Catalyst

          Further Examples of Natural Revelation

Jesus' Crucifixion

A Scientist's Musings on Communion

Each of Us is Really Unique. [and how that relates to abortion]

Why are Our Thoughts Always There?

Are Our Thoughts Our Own?

Are Our Cells Our Own?

The SCUBA divers

     Scuba divers


Faith Aphterisms


The Oxford Round Table and Related Material

      How Astrobiology and Faith Came to be Woven together in Carl's Life

      Evolution vs Young Earth Arguments

      Evolution is not the Enemy; Intelligent Design is not the Solution

          Hypothesis, Thesis, Theory, and Beyond

      Eight Phenomena Which Recur Often in Cosmological, Chemical and Biological Evolution That Suggest a Creator

     Fibonacci Numbers, Proof of God?

     Two Kinds of Teleological Thinking - One Wrong; the Other Right

      Smithsonian Museum's Hall of Human Origins

     Conversations with a Seeker of Comprehension

     Conversations with a Brother in Christ and Science

     What About Genesis, Chapter One?

     Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate, '14 02 05

     I can't claim this, but I wish I could-Wisdom of Richard Rohr

      the American Scientific Affiliation, a network of over 1700 Christians in science

          ASA Resources Worth Considering

      Biologos, inviting the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith

     When God & Science Meet, Surprising Discoveries of Agreement

     John 10:1-18

     Macht Nichts

     How to Engage an Atheist if You Are a Believing Scientist

     Science is Wearing Blinders for Miracles

     Scientific Believers vs. Atheists

Not mine, but a scholarly URL answering the question, "Is Jesus God?"



The Vermont State Science and Mathematics Fair

The Vermont's ESTEAM Network (VEN), promoting "esteam" for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math in a TEAM setting unique to Vermont

Memorization in the Internet Age

Science Humor



 The Short Version of Carl's Military, Academic, and Faith Careers

 Carl's Military Career

          Respect for the United States Flag Rendered by Veterans

          Military Retirement

Carl's Academic and Teaching Career

     The Four R's of Remembering

     Dimensional Analysis

     Repetition Versus Rehearsal

     Vermont Science Teachers' Network [this is no longer a valid link--unfortunate since it was a valuable organization.]

     BI 360, Pathophysiology

     BI 215 and 216, Human Anatomy and Physiology

          How Hearing Works

        Course Mnemonics

     BI 275 Environmental Biology

          Carl's Testimony at the Vermont Yankee Public Service Board Hearing

          Aldo Leopold's, "A Sand County Almanac" and Global Sustainability

        Creation Care

        Letter to My Representatives re Vermont's Bottle Law

     PE 101 Community and Public Health

          Feeling Good and Healing Good Go Together

The Pinkham-Pearson Index

TerraCopia and the Wallo'Water Plant Protector

Flash cards


Family, Hobbies, Home, and Country


    Family Anecdotes

     Pinkham Genealogy

Solar Panels on our Roof

Old Mill Hill Loop Neighborhood

Bird watching

     Mistaken Identity

     Vermont Sparrow Key;

     Christmas Bird Count, Northfield West, 2011

     Carl's North American life list north of Mexico et al.

     Opportunistic Birding in Kenya (and additional locales)

     Birding in Sweden (18 04 19-22)






Scuba Diving

     Lessons Learned While Diving on Aruba

Profundities and Door Sayings

General Aphterisms

Hold it!

Proper writing

Coding Practice


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