People we met

People we met with a link to a good picture of each.


Wellingtone Nabwoba's family 8 July (Sunday)

     Leonita - his wife 8 July (Sunday)

     Dixon -their older son who was back from college

     Edwin - an orphan living with the Nabwoba's, in class eight, who is the lead boy at Anajali School

     Hannah - their only daughter 8 July (Sunday)

     Glenn - their younger son 8 July (Sunday)


Veronica - his gate keeper and house maid 4 July (Wednesday)

Livingston - Veronica's husband and our chauffeur


Joel - Masai gate keeper at Anajali school. He lived there?


Valencia - Deputy director of Anajali School 3 July (Tuesday)


Science teachers who learned microscope:

     Vincent - head since teacher? <cheek bones> 3 July (Tuesday)

     Victor - taller, mustache, taught science to 6th graders

     Bernard - slight mustache, flared nostrils

     Lilian - only woman science teacher, longer hair

     Jokim - tall always well dressed 3 July (Tuesday)


Emily - music teacher


David Okusi - tailor who made our Kenyan clothes 3 July (Tuesday)


Mr Bronson Batchi - Director, Universal Teacher Training Center 5 July (Thursday)


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