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Here are the Swahili words and phrases we learned while in Kenya:


thank you = asante - ah san' tay

you're welcome = karibu - care ee' boo

taxi/bus = matatu - mah tah' too

motorcycle = tiki tiki - tee' kee

sleep well = la la salama - sah lah' mah (sleep is la la)

hello = jambo - jam' bow, incidentally, jamba = fart, so we had to be careful with this word.

stupid = jenga - janeg' ga

teacher = mwalimu - mwah lee' moo

How are you? = hibari - hih bar' ee

How are you? = hibari gani =gah' knee

fine or good as a response to hibari = ngsouri - ng zoo' ree

good afternoon/evening = hibari iajoni - hih bar' ee  eeyah joan' nee

good morning = hibari za asabuuhi - hih bar' ee   zah  ahsa boo'uo we

stand here = simama hapa - see ma'ma hop'pa

fine, beautful = mzuri sana - mmzzoo' ri  sah' nah

put your legs here = wika miguu hapa - week' ka  me goo'uo hop'pa

shoes = viatu - vee ah' too (hint: via toe)

chair = kiti - kitt' ee

goodbye = kwaheri - kwa hear' ee

good job = kazi zuvi - cause' zee  zoo' vee

heart or soul = moyoni - moy oh knee

Jesus = Yesu - yay' sue

no problem = hakuna matata (everyone knows how to pronounce that)

friend = rafici - raf ee' kee

enough = inatosha - een ah toe' shah

shop = duka - dew' kah

market = soko - sew' koh

food = chakula - chah coo' lah

tea = chai - cheye

coffee = kahawa - kah hah' wah

spoon = kijiko - key gee' coh

beer = pombe

How much money? = Bei gani? - bay' ee  gah knee

slowly = polepole - poh' lay

small = kidogo - key doe' go

big = kubwa - kewb' wa

please = tafadhali - taff ah dhall' ee

lion = simba - sim' bah


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