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26 June (Tuesday)

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26 June: From Vermont to Connecticut

We left home at 0820 and arrived at the park and ride at 0830.  We met Elizabeth, Lisa, Malaina, and Emily and were joined by Paul Collins (current pastor of GMCAC and Dave Rinehart (retired pastor of GMCAC).  We had a parting prayer in a circle holding hands.  As we were praying, a large 16-wheeler came by and the driver tooted twice on his air horn-kind of a "God bless."  At least that's how we interpreted it!


We had an uneventful trip to Scotland Connecticut. There were some brief spells of heavy downpour and we stopped once for the rest room and once for lunch at Subway.  We arrived in Scotland (the second smallest town in Connecticut, at 1345.  We spent a few hours going over our fears, expectations, and a briefing by Anne on what we should be careful about doing and not doing.  Around 1500 we were joined by Chris and Haily Lincoln from Gilford, NH, the other two members of our team.  For Chris and me, this was the first time we had met them.  Linda xxxx who had been a missionary in Senegal with Wycliffe Bible Translators (her husband ran the printer) then joined us and explained other customs and taboos that we would do well to understand.  We especially noted that we were going to be in a place with a different mind set than ours.  It was imperative that we first recognize and engage people in casual conversation about families and such before we dive into the reason for the meeting.  After that we went to Linda Bird's, a retired surgical nurse, whose deceased husband was the surgeon she worked with, for a wonderful lasagna dinner.  After that we shared some more about each other around a table in the yard while being serenaded by hummingbirds, cardinals, tufted titmice and other birds in the yard.  Chris and I and Chris and Haily stayed at Linda's where we slept while the rest of the team returned to Anne's where they slept.  Linda's home was built somewhere between 1820-1850 and it was a magnificent vintage house of that era with numerous rooms going in numerous directions with no threshold between rooms lining up.  A great house to play hide-and-seek in, which is what Linda's grand children delight in doing when they visit.


One new thing to pray for.  Next door to Anne's house is a two-story Victorian that is being foreclosed.  It started out at $270,000 but is now offered for $69,000.  Anne got the idea she should suggest to the lease-holders that they donate it to Anajali Ministries for the North American headquarters.  They are actually entertaining the possibility.  Pray that God would bless this idea.  Anne is excited about the possibility but can live with out it if it should not happen.



  Linda and Chris learning about each other.
Linda's lovely home where we stayed for two nights and enjoyed two wonderful breakfasts.


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