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4 July (Wednesday)

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4 July (Wednesday)


We had boiled eggs for breakfast.  Carl used the membrane inside the eggshell for demonstration with teachers at Anajali.  It was difficult to see through, but the edge revealed the membrane was made of fibers haphazardly arranged.


Today we caught up on the students that we had not gotten records for before because they were absent or we just hadn't gotten to their class yet, and we handed out white sox to the girls.  (We didn't have enough for the boys, but that was corrected after we left when Anne and Wellington went into Nairobi and bought some for them).  We took a tour of the chicken coops following lunch and we continued to help the sponsored students compose letters to their sponsors.


Supper consisted of pilau (rice, curry, meat casarole) and peas and carrots in a liquid sauce that was put on the rice.  After supper we did our usual dishes and clean up chores, record keeping, devotional, and then made sandwiches for the following day.  After that, it was off to bed.


Veronica, the gate keeper, cook, and maid opening the gate to Wellingtone's compound.  This is the third gate we had to pass through to gain access to Wellingtone's house.
Handing out socks to the kindergarten girls.  On the far right is teacher xxx and then Emily, then Malaina and finally on far right is Elizabeth.
7th grade girls happy with their socks.

link to a video showing preschoolers singing a song to thank you for your gifts.

It is precious!  Depending on your system, it may take a while to download.

  One of the two chicken coops on the compound mentioned in yesterday's post.
Writing thank you notes and making drawings for sponsors who had just given these students their gift packets
  Dish detail after supper: Lisa and Chris.  This is the indoor kitchen.  The gas stove is against the wall at their backs.
  Leonita and Wellingtone sitting at their dining room table.   Note the water cooler behind Wellingtone.  One of us had to make sure all our waterbottles were filled from this every morning before we left.


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