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Mission Trip to Anajali School in Kibera Slum, Kenya

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For a quick view of what's going on today, see Anajali Ministries Facebook.  It includes Anne Blodgett's accomplishments after we left and her continued updates from America starting about a week later.


The latitude longitude of Wellingtone's house (where we are staying) is -1.378161, 36.786090 and that of Anajali School is -1.318725, 36.779263 in case you want to log into Google Earth and find us.


To learn and see what we did, click on the following links:

9-10 July (Monday and Tuesday)

8 July (Sunday)

7 July (Saturday)

6 July (Friday) provides an aerial view of where we visited today

5 July (Thursday)

4 July (Wednesday)

3 July (Tuesday)

2 July (Monday)

1 July (Sunday)

29-30 June (Friday-Saturday)

28 June (Thursday)

27 June (Wednesday)

26 June (Tuesday)


Other sites linked from here: Opportunistic Birding in Kenya  Swahili  People we met


25 June: We leave for Connecticut at 830 AM on the 26th.  We’ll spend a day at Anne’s house repacking to be sure we can take all our personal items and supplies we need for the school in two carry-ons and two, 50 pound suitcases each.


Here is our flight schedule.  Please pray for a safe, stress-free trip to and from Nairobi and that we can get some sleep on the plane.  We are flying to Turkey overnight.


Departing Flight - Thursday, Jun 28, 2012

Turkish AirlinesFlight 12
BOEING 777-300ER JET Jet
Airline confirmation: R4QXV2

New York Kennedy (JFK)
11:55pm -Jun 28, Thu

Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
04:35pm -Jun 29, Fri

Nonstop Coach

Turkish AirlinesFlight 607
BOEING 737-900 Jet
Airline confirmation: R4QXV2

Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
07:50pm -Jun 29, Fri

Nairobi (NBO)
02:25am -Jun 30, Sat

Nonstop Coach

Flight Duration: 6hr 25min

Layover Time: 3hr 15min

Total Trip Time: 9hr 40min


Return Flight - Tuesday, Jul 10, 2012

Turkish AirlinesFlight 608
BOEING 737-900 Jet
Airline confirmation: R4QXV2

Nairobi (NBO)
03:45am -Jul 10, Tue

Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
10:05am -Jul 10, Tue

Nonstop Coach

Turkish AirlinesFlight 1
BOEING 777-300ER JET Jet
Airline confirmation: R4QXV2

Istanbul Ataturk (IST)
11:25am -Jul 10, Tue

New York Kennedy (JFK)
02:45pm -Jul 10, Tue

Nonstop Coach

Flight Duration: 5hr 00min

Layover Time: 1hr 20min

Total Trip Time: 6hr 20min


Pray that we can adjust quickly to the time zone differences and that we stay healthy and able to do all the as yet undefined tasks awaiting us.  Pray that we will each grow in our Lord and be His servants.


Agape, Carl, Chris and the Anajali Team.




On the 28th of June through the 11th of July, 2012, Chris and I will be serving on a mission team from our church (Green Mountain Community Alliance Church) to the Anajali School, in the Kibera Slum, Nairobi, Kenya, the second largest slum in Africa.  Ten years ago Wellingtone Nabwoba met three street children in the Kibera slum. They had no home, no family, no food and no money to go to school. Wellingtone’s heart went out to these children as he thought of his own boys at home and the The Anajali school was created. This school now educates over 450 and of the poorest preK-8th graders who would otherwise have no chance to escape the destiny of the Slum.  The same school will be building a high school and we will be helping clear the rocks from the grounds where it will be built (the rocks will be used in the buildings) and we will be working with the school children. 


The Biology Department at Norwich University has graciously donated six microscopes that it no longer needs to these schools.  We will be taking them to the schools and I will be developing a lesson plan for their use between now (Nov, 2011) and then.  The only problem is the school has no electrical outlets and these microscopes need lights.  So other members of the team found an inexpensive, solar powered LED flashlight while Chris and I removed the electrical cord, light housing and light and then devised a Styrofoam holder for the flashlight that fits where the light used to go.  The combination works PERFECTLY-Praise God!  I carefully went through the list of slides produced by the major North American slide producer, TRIARCH, and selected a reasonable number of representative slides:  Triarch Slides for Anajali.xlsx.  TRIARCH graciously sold us two sets of these slides for the price of one.  Praise God!  I have created a file showing what's on each slide and a key to the pages each of these slides is posted on in the key.


The other team members going to Kenya are Anne Blodgett, team leader; Melaina Collins, Elizabeth & Emily Danyew, and Lisa Torres from the Green Mountain Community Alliance Church and two team members from New Hampshire.  There is a team there now (week of Feb 22nd) and their Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anajali-Ministries/113963698677593?ref=ts&sk=wall.  We will set one up as well when we get closer to keep you all informed.


I have links to a map tour of where we will be and photos of the microscope as modified.  We are going to take folding shovels with us.  This is the unfolding saga (including a God thing) of the folding shovels.


If you are led to help us with the expenses (air fare, costs while there, modification of microscopes, and/or purchase of prepared slides, fill out the form at the bottom of the letter below and send it to the address indicated in red - Anajali Ministries is a 501(c)3:


Dear friends and family,


I have been given the opportunity to be part of an Anajali Ministries summer mission team.  We will be going to the Kibera Slum in Nairobi Kenya, Africa during the summer of 2012.

The team will be ministering in the Anajali School during our visit.  We will be staying with Wellingtone Nabwoba and his family.  He is the founder and Head Teacher of the Anajali School.  This Christian school enrolls children too poor to go to public school with the support of sponsors in the US.  Many children are orphaned and living with either grandparents or guardians.


Some of the projects we hope to accomplish this summer are to do height, weight and eye checks on all the students so teachers can be aware of any problems that might impact learning; to read with the children encouraging them to develop a love for reading; and to take pictures of all the students for sponsorship packets.  We also hope to visit and pray with families in the slum.  We may have an opportunity to shop in the Masai market in downtown Nairobi and visit a local tourist attraction.  Other projects for our summer mission trip will be identified in the early spring.


In order to go, I am in need of prayer and financial support.  The cost for this trip is approximately $2500.  I would welcome your prayers that we will have safety on this trip and be used by God during the brief time we are in Kenya.  Will you partner with me to bring hope to some of the world’s poorest children? 


I would appreciate any prayer and/or financial support you may be able to give me. 

Support should be sent to Anajali Ministries, Inc., PO Box 46, Scotland, CT   06264.


Please put Kenya and mission trip Summer 2012 in the memo line of the check.  Please do not put my name on the check.  Thank you.  Makes checks payable to Anajali Ministries, Inc.


Thank you.





Carlos and Christine Pinkham

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Support for ________________________________________________________


Prayer Support_______           Financial Support_________________







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