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Genealogical Documents

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Abbreviations Used:

     CP, Carlos Pinkham

     IPO, in possession of


Pinkham Coat of Arms

The Pinkham Coat of Arms was granted John Pyncombe, 5th generation of the Molton line, July 24, 16161.

The Pinkham Coat of Arms Pinkham Coat of Arms.docx

How we (this generation of Pinkham's) came by this copy of the coat of arms How we came by Pinkham Coat of Arms.docx

Further queries into the Pinkham Coat of Arms (apparently not pursued) Further Queries into Pinkham Coat of Arms.docx

1Undated, 1 page of typed notes made by Vernon C. D. Pinkham (Pinkham-522) .  IPO (Pinkham-363).



Letter to Mrs. Thomas (Mary?) Amory from ? Rogers re some financial dealings-1880 Jan 17 IPO CP Amory Letter.docx

Post Card from ? in Rome to Katharine Pinkham 1908 June 29 IPO CP PC from x to Aunt Katharine, June 29 06.docx 

Letter to Vernon and Natalie Pinkham for Mary Amory re small talk-1933 Jan 9 IPO CP 1933_Jan-Mary Amory-Vernon & Nat.docx

Letter to Vernon and Natalie Pinkham from Mary Amory re invitation to graduation at Leland and Gray Seminary-1936 June 12. Mary Amory_1936_06_12.docx



Alice Crane-birth certificate IPO CP Vernon's Mother's Birth Certificate-copy.pdf

Natalie Pinkham-Article on her life in 1956 VAHPER VAHPER NEWSLETTER-Mom, 1956.docx


Genealogical Information

Where did the Pinkham name come from?

     First a little background The_Pinkham_Name-1.docx

     Now the file with the various versions Pinkham_name.xls

Genealogical information and "lore"on different Pinkhams

The grand-daddy of all the US Pinkham Genealogies, "Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, New Hampshire and his descendants East and West", by Charles Nelson    Sinnett, 1908.  264 pp plus Appendix and Index: Richard Pinkham of Old Dover, New Hampshire and his descendants East and West.docx

     Edgecomb, Maine

     The Aunties The Aunties.docx

     The Curtis Family The Curtis Family.docx

     Pinkham in Arizona Pinkham in AZ.docx


People Photos

Frank Vernon Pinkham, Vernon Curtis David and Natalie Hallock Pinkham, Children of VCD and NH Pinkham and the Otis' Photos from 3 gens of Pinkhams~1900-1951-gif fmt.docx


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