The Vermont ESTEEM Network (VEN)

The Vermont ESTEAM Network (VEN) will always be a work in progress. 


It's purpose is to stimulate ESTEAM for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math among Vermonters by identifying every STEM resource available to them in the state, and selected STEM resources available to them outside the state.


Its mission is to provide a single-stop site whereby a Vermont student (any age), guidance counselor, teacher, professor, employee, potential employee, or employer, can quickly identify the most relevant STEEM resources to his/her particular query at the time.  At some point in time, it is hoped that it will be developed into a more visually appealing website, but for the time being, building it to have thoroughness, functionality, and utility are the driving forces.


Its objective is to encourage Vermont residents, or those desiring to be so, to consider all the STEEM resources available to them within the state before searching elsewhere.  Vermont has a unique cachet that makes it desirable as a place to live, learn, work and play.  It also has a heritage of developing the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit from the early pioneers who had to make do with what limited resources they had on hand, to the precision tool manufacturing industry that triggered the industrial revolution, to the current-day entrepreneurial start ups that are growing rapidly.

It is broken down into the following major STEEM search topics:


                         Academic Programs (post secondary)

                         Career Opportunities (including trade schools)


                         Educational Opportunities (short term)

                         Grants and Scholarships

                         Professional Organizations


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