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Norwich Christian Fellowship

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In the Spring of 1982, Carl founded and became the faculty advisor of Norwich Christian Fellowship, a position he finally relinquished in 2014.  The story of the remarkable event that led to its founding is revealed The Norwich Story in this blog.  We have an official Norwich NCF web page accessible to the public.  Although we have a more-in depth official presence at Norwich, our students have found the Norwich sites to be very cumbersome because of the firewalls required to protect the records of an institution of higher learning. So we have gone off site to establish both a Google Drive site and Facebook sites with material available to leadership and additional material available to them and the general membership.  It sounds like we're some kind of clandestine organization, but, unfortunately, that's the way we need to be to guard against unfriendly intrusions. We are not trying to hide anything. 


In fact we want people to see what we are doing so we have an open site on Facebook which sees a lot of action.  If you have a legitimate reason for access to any of these restricted sites or even a legitimate curiosity, please let me know.


The NCF is co-sponsored by 1) Officers' Christian Fellowship and its partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ's outreach to the military, Valor and to a much lesser degree with 2) Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.  The history of the logo below captures this team effort.


If you are a Christian and graduated from Norwich University, you will want to know about Warriors of Asher.  We are a group of nearly 400 NU grads and friends who support NCF and each other through prayer, fellowship, sharing, and donations (the latter is the least important of the list, really).  Here is our Facebook page.  Go there and do a Friend Request.


Logo History

Norwich Christian Fellowship (NCF) was originally sponsored by Officers' Christian Fellowship because its faculty founder, Professor Carl Pinkham, was a member of OCF. About five years after its founding, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship came on the campus and asked to join the effort. We made the logo that you see, except it said IVCF where it now says NCF. The reason for the IVCF is obvious, the reason for the remainder of the logo is not, unless you compare it with the OCF logo. One day we happened to notice that if we joined the I of IVCF to the V, we would have the letters NCF. It was clear to us at that point that the whole course of events was God-ordained.


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