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Repetition Versus Rehearsal

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Posted on my Facebook page today


Just finished listening to an interview on CBS News with Bill O’Reilly and James Patterson on their latest book, "Give Please a Chance."  It looks like a book we need our (collective our) children to read. Consider it for Christmas for your favorite child, grandchild, or even favorite person with a mindset hardened by this divisive political campaign. It appears to repeat the message caught in the title through many examples that would appeal to the young mind.


During the interview the phrase, “Repetition is the mother of learning,” was used. I agree, but repetition is not the best word to use. “Rehearsal” is much better. When you repeat, you parrot what you are trying to learn by repeating the exact words. When you rehearse, you are testing your mastery and understanding of what you are trying to learn by putting it into your own words. As you do so, holes in your understanding and mastery quickly reveal themselves. Rehearse rather than repeat when you are trying to memorize.


By the way, it helps to have someone willing to provide an audience for your rehearsal because that adds an extra dimension of comprehension--If you want to learn something, teach it. (the mantra of an unquenchable teacher-learner).


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