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Scientific Believers vs Atheists

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Just some random thots at this point.


Infinity as an Out for Scientism


Infinity may satisfy some proponents of scientism, but it really doesn’t satisfactorily address two issues:  1) If (e.g.), there are an infinity of universes, where did they come from?  (They’ve really just pushed the final/ultimate cause back one step.)


And what do they do about this Jesus person?  Have they seriously examined the overwhelming evidence that he and the Gospel message are real?  Or do they consider him to be just another product of infinity?  If the latter, then what is to prevent this universe from being the one out of the infinity of possibilities that has a real God who set up His creation in such a way that the Gospel and Jesus would occur?  In other words, If they’re willing to play with infinity, they had better be prepared to get burned (figuratively and literally)! 

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